Last week I shared back to school items your forgot about and many seemed to be on top of things. An odd item here or there missing but mostly up to scratch. So if you’re one of those parents who think they have everything then use this post as a checklist. Back to school time can be such a stressful time if you’re not prepared for it. I know some people work best last-minute but not all kids can cope. To save your sanity and that of your family it pays to be organised. Being organised should not only be restricted to the mums running around like headless chickens. But to the entire family, ensure that you involve the kids in every process to ensure they are ready. I remember as a kid my mum always ensured we helped choose our own school schools and backpacks. We felt very involved… View Post

Louvre Museum in Paris is the worlds largest museum located on the right bank of River Seine. It is a historical monument centrally located and one of the most visited areas in Paris. I have been to Paris a total of three times, visited Disneyland Paris then cruise on the Seine River. With a wedding to attend last weekend outside Paris, we thought it would be criminal not to venture into Paris. The Louvre Museum is located in the Louvre Palace, which was used as a fortress to protect Paris in 12th century. When we went inside, we were able to see the old remnants of the fortress that was once a defensive structure. Though we did not particularly know what to expect from the Louvre I knew I wanted to see the Sculptures.  Getting tickets to enter the Louvre  We had decided to do a city tour of Paris using… View Post

Costa Dorada is a beautiful 216 km long stretch of coastal beach on the Mediterranean Sea in Spain. On the north of it you have the magnificent city of Barcelona and the south you have magnificent beaches. Costa Dorada means ‘Golden coast’, it is lined with beautiful crystal blue beaches. For the last two years all of my holiday destinations have been places I can explore for days. I have not had a proper beach holiday where all I do is lounge at the beach with a good book. Whilst thinking of a place I could get the full beach experience, Costa Dorada Spain came to me. There is so much to love about this coastal city to make it the best beach holiday ever. Why Costa Dorada should be your next destination!!  One of the most popular towns on this strip of the Mediterranean sea is Salou – a… View Post

Off-shoulder ruffled bell tops have been on trend throughout summer and don’t seem to be going away. I have joined the party late but as they say, better late than never besides I am fashionably late. For the longest time I loved how off shoulder ruffled bell tops looked ok other people. I didn’t personally think they would look good on me especially with my cleavage. Little did I know that I just need to find a style that would suit my frame and match my personality. How I styled an off-shoulder ruffled bell top As I mentioned already, I avoided off shoulder ruffled bell tops like a plague. One day last week I did a mini shop with my sister and we stumbled upon this top. I knew the colour, the design and it’s simplistic nature spoke to me and I bought it. It’s the first off shoulder ruffled… View Post

Kinzd is a small business borne out of Hong Kong catering to men’s fashion since 2012. Last month I had the privilege of introducing you to this brand when I reviewed the toilet bags and wallet. Many mentioned how unfamiliar they were with the brand, here is another opportunity to learn more. The origins of Kinzd are as clear as mud but one thing is for sure, men’s fashion is their main aim. Starting off with making affordable but quality leather based wallets and moving to belts. It has only been a couple of years since they introduced the female range offering quality products. As I mentioned in my last review of Kinzd, the women’s wallet I received has become my go to wallet. It is small and compact but has lots of space for cards and money. The cosmetic and toilet bags are no exception, with simple design but… View Post