• 13 years old me

    cropped-cropped-cover.jpgRewind 13 years (damn am old now) and am sat chatting away with my cousin and our friends, predicting our futures and mine went as follows. Finished school, go to nursing school and finish, get married and have my first kid when am 23(because my mama had me when she was this age). This was my aspiration and my dream (bear in mind I was only 13 years old), these were my priorities in life and I lived by them.

    Fast forward 8 years later, after 3 heartbreaks, 1 randomness and 4 mistakes (not worth including as r/ships) and I meet this wonderful man who takes my breath away. He was so different to the usual boy/man behaviour, he was more attuned to me, more alert, more patient and more attentive not to forget more loving, caring, honest, cherishing and respectful. Now I sit/sleep here wondering, what did I do to deserve this (I am thinking I must have saved a country in my previous life). The it dons on me, I have a wonderful God (if you don’t believe that’s your business). I remember when I was about 15 years old and mum went shopping, when she returned she came back with this one beautiful dress, she tried bless her to buy two but there was only one left. so she bought that dress I saw it first and I immediately fell for it I wanted it so bad but I knew full well that my cousin wanted it too. So I went to bath and whilst in the bath I prayed to God and said I want my mum to give it to my cousin I will get the next one and I did this whole heartedly with no reservation or expecting anything in return, to cut the blog short I ended up getting the dress – from then on I believe the saying that “if you give wholeheartedly without expecting anything back God will give you your hearts desires (you may think my example is weak but it elevated my belief in God).


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