Black Dresses and Embracing my curves

Hello there and welcome! My fun packed July is almost coming to an end but one thing have embraced very much this month has been my curves (or lack thereof). I always tell people that I was not made with a flat iron but with soft cushions hence why my tummy ain’t flat lol.

But since am eating healthy now, am looking after my body as best as I can but not denying myself the little pleasures of life like galaxy chocolate one bar a month. I have also found that I can accessories my black dresses to remove the blandness and add a little mystique as they say.
These couple of black dresses (plus one white) have really come out for me, they are making me feel sexier if that’s a word. I just love how the curb my curves and others (*winks*). Let me know what you think.
This white dress, the pattern on the front sold me instantly.
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xoxo Myrabev

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