Green Juices on Trial


Have you ever noticed how sleep comes so easily when you have important work to do or have deadlines? And every time you decide say – you will go for a walk to get some fresh air (secretly hoping time will fly) and when you come back as soon as you sit down sleep decides to interrupt. It’s definitely not good when you trying to impress new bosses and show them that you are a hard-worker and are keen to learn new things but there is only so much your mind-eyes-brain can take before it goes ah no mate sleep time. What can I do to cure this because it seems every time I go for a walk and return I feel even sleepier – so walks are out of question now only if there are other people with me. Maybe I should start exercising again but I have this friend called lazy who just won’t let me be, I mean I will start my exercise but by week two or if anything changes from when I start that’s it. I like to think I am a self-motivated person but when it comes to exercise am a self-motivated lazy ass.

So cure this lazy-ass-ness have decided to start the green juice energy boosting drinks challenge, when I say challenge I mean it in a more relaxed way like 1 bottle of juice a day because I figure if I start with the extreme of 3 days only on juice “to cleanse” and 4 days rest well then I will definitely fell by week 2 so easy does it for me when it comes to things like this.

It may sound like am just giving excuses but have tried to train my body to change but NOPE not happening mate, what happens with my body is when I start something new it gives me maximum 2 weeks before it starts to refuse and even when I want to when I put in my mouth I feel like throwing-up all the time I don’t know why. Another example of this has been over the years for that time of the month, every time I take pain killers if I try those pain killers again the following month it is like have not taken anything. My body seems to habituate quickly to new things quickly and not in a good way.

But this I think it won’t “refuse” it per say because I will be doing the same things I do but just adding to it no substitutions. Have you ever done a green juice cleanse before? What was your experience?





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