Pink Dress ~ for the English Heatwave

 Dress and Shoes : Primark
 Bag: TKmax ~ Bracelets: Gifts from Yves Rocher
 Earrings: Primark

This blog is different to my now norm (randomness) but has been greatly inspired by #GabeFix (check her out on youtube) and my little sis who always says I need to add colour to my closet. So on my way home from work I figured I should try this type of blogging. So am wearing this wonderful and beautiful pink dress from Primark, brown heels from Primark, earrings from Primark, bag from TKmax and soft bracelets a gift from Yves Rocher and thats it.

Thanks for reading my blog, let me know what you think of this type of blog. Am no fashion expert but I thought this look was showcasing worthy.