• Good Bye July

    So July has come to an end! We’ve had some fun me and July apart from it being my birthday month it’s also the month I started blogging. Including this post I have now written 26 blogs in this month and for a never-b4 blogger I think it’s an achievement on it own and also it suits best since am 26 now.

    So I have talked about random things really hence the name of the blog, am not a fashionista but have given it a leg up and I think have done well. I am not known for going to the beauty parlour and have my nails done and my eyebrows threaded or wax but I do so occasionally and they always do them justice. This time am doing my own, am using a Rimmel quick dry (60secs) nail polish in grey.
    I didn’t always have “colour” in my wardrobe but now I do, exhibit A ~ Navy blue Polka dot dress and my closet
    Beamer my pink little dress ~ exhibit B.
    But I have also being embracing my other colours my black dresses have found accessorising them makes them stand-out and not be too bland with no feature.
    I have written about healthy living and as an update to my green juice journey, I have also almost lost a stone though i did not originally start it for weight loss but for cleansing I guess somehow these too work in conjunction with each other. Also continuing on healthy living am still doing my daily walks either at work or at home and am also eating relatively healthy.
    My lunch at work today (30/07/13)

    So that’s pork with salad (lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber).

    Have done product reviews on Maybelline’s New York FIT me Foundation and found it to work best when mixed with another Maybelline New York foundation Dream Mousse, together they do wonders.
    Have also fallen for MUA lipsticks, they are so nice and cheap from super drug (£1each). They are moisturising and don’t leave my lips cracked like some lipsticks and it stays on long almost like MAC which I have one ruby woo, I also have some Kelly brooks lipstick I got from new look (£2.99).
    Have done OOTD blogs and done some on my braids, am so much into playing dress up now and taking pictures to share with you guys its been really fun. Also am trying new twist styles than just pushing and tying the hair at the back.
    Have also talked about how my partner and I met, how I feel about cougars and sugardaddies.
     These are some of the points of interest that have tried out so the plan for the next months is to set a theme for each day of the week e.g on Friday I do OutFitsOftheWeek etc. let me know what you think and make suggestions too.
    Thanks for reading my blog, please don’t forget to check out my YouTube (click tab “YouTube on blog page), subscribe, comment, like etc it will not cost you a penny***Thank you
    xoxo Myrabev

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