{New Look} Sensible shopping

So now that have had a dose of nandos I thought I write a little blog on sensible shopping. Those who know me know that I shop as if the stores are gonna close tomorrow but like my father always says good things will always be there well except for when he said the duck tales will still be there, no dad there are no longer here (not the kind we had back then anyway).

So back to the matter at had, ever since I finished uni I have found it hard to shop like there is no tomorrow. I will go to shops with crazzzzy sales and still I would only go in take a look and move on.  So here is a sensible little shopping spree I did. Let me know what you think. It was Love at first sight when I saw the little beauties in New Look on sale, thank the heavens for the New Look sakes. I picked up a couple of items which I have listed down below;

  • MUA lipstick – you know my crazy love for lipstick is crazy
  • Maybelline New York Foundation – can not wait to try this little beauty looks amazing love the texture too
  • New Look Purse – don’t you just love new look purses there is just something about them.
  • Nail Polish – well since I have stopped going for manicures in hopes of saving money I definitely need this one. Loving gray at the moment too.

Picking up other little essentials to tidy me over, what do you think of my little sensible shopping?

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