Friday Randoms ~ For the love of New Look

So as you may know I love New Look I think this store was especially created for people like me, it’s not too expensive their clothes are affordable and they are fashionable. There was a time I thought some new look branches were loosing the plot but then I moved to Newbury and my faith has once again been restored. Every day after work I go in just to have a look and they have really wonderful sales!!!!! You really have to go to believe it, so get off (after reading this blog) and go see for yourself. 

So I have just put together a simple work outfit which cost me £15 in total and I think I do look wonderful so wonderful that today I smiled and got breakfast!!!! Hahaha it’s just been the best. 
So I am wearing a black and white skirt that you might remember from my other blogs, the skirt is part of the cameo rose design its high waisted  and its Aztec print. I paired it with a simple but gorgeous pink (??)shirt with an exposed back. I think it’s a match made in heaven, I seem to have got too many gentleman’s eyes in this outfit and I love it but not in a gross kinda way. To finish off the look I wore some low wedge brown shoes, pink lipstick to match the top and plat one side of my head and pushed the braids to opposite side. I think for a Friday I pulled this look of and with virtually no makeup apart from the lipstick. 

The entire look was from new look clothes, excluding the small black belt. 

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