• Gluminess

    One day you wake up with life so full of promise, the day feels good to you and you have you are alive to see it especially with this kind of summer!!!!

    You get on with your day or do what you gat to do and you head on out to an appointment looking on point, you get their and the trials and tribulations of this earth start on you!! What are you meant to do? Well you don’t let the situation bring you down you try a different route and go back and still they tell you the same trials and tribulations. Not once do you think God is planning against you, you put all your faith and when you feel defeated you find another route with so much hope but the hope is for another day. Sat here in the dark thinking of tomorrow’s promise but at back of my mind resigned myself to the possiblility of failure but even with these thoughts I still hope and pray for a different outcome. Right now my last request to the big guy upstairs, let thy will be done if its thy will for me not to reach the destination planned then let it be but if it is all the thanks in equal measure.¬†
    I may think at present that you hate me and don’t believe that I should be happy but I do know that’s not the case but the human in me as other ideas and its this human in me that you gave free will that is feeling the burn.¬†
    Fuzzy brain gives a doctor a puzzled look.

    To stay away from all this gluminess poundland came to the rescue for only a few hours but as for the rest please knock me out.

    Thanks for reading my blog
    xoxo myrabev 

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