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I did not realise how stressed I was until I realised I was not sleeping and my eating habits are still not back to normal. Currently I eat breakfast at work which is usually a bowl of fruits and on Fridays it’s full English minus the egg or the toast. Then also I eat lunch at work which is usually a jacket potato with tuna mayo and some juice usually fizz drinks.

Then for dinner I usually just sleep because I don’t like eating alone so after work I just sleep.

But starting last week Wednesday I started eating bread sticks with beetroot and horseradish dip as my dinner snack instead of a meal, my work colleague Anne introduced me to this combo now I can’t get enough of it. 

And since Tesco have put my favourite juice back on offer I thought why not. 

This drink is like no other, I love it as much as I love me some sunny D juice. 

Also for weekends only have started having pancakes for breakfast (bought not made) with some forest fruits when I have some. 

I have also started to snack on these beauties also introduced to me by another work colleague, previously I was like no thanks but now I love love them. 

As part of my healthy life/living I am still doing 10-20 minute walks at work with my colleague and also doing another 20 minute walk when I get home. I still have a while to go before I can definitely say I  am on my A game when it comes to eating healthy. 
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