• High Heel Note


    My Monday seems to have ended on a high heel note. Today for work I didn’t just dress to impress I dressed to kill. Boo bought me a very beautiful panel dress and I rocked it. How do I know? Where all the self procarmation coming from? Well let me tell you something!!! All the wolf whistles and hey miss callings from the construction guys at work. All the good looks from all them good people weren’t been done for the wind cause I sure know I was the only one around. Lol
    So I am basically reviewing my beautiful sandals from Matalan my boo bought me !! Yes I hear ya my boo seems to be buying a lot well can’t stop me but I can appreciate him in more ways than one. I will not lie, I was on my feet at work for practically 8hrs straight and I rocked those heels.
    A colleague gave me a lift from work but dropped me 16-20 minutes walk to my house, ladies I rocked them heels until I saw the beautiful park in Newbury I was like to hell with this I ain’t gonna die cause of these shoes so I took em off and walked bare footed home but I still looked good I even got more than a handful of mean offer their good services to chauffeur me home but since I know where house be was like sorry peeps I know where I bounce lol.
    It’s been a good day mostly because its my best girl hope’s bday and because I rocked my outfit even my none existent hips and bum showed even though the dress was not tight.
    Thanks for reading my blog peeps, have a good one.

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