Manicure 3

Hey guys!!!

 So it’s been a busy week and also been tiring, mostly due to my developing insomnia. I am hardly asleep at night and you would think its because of things like computers, phones etc but nope at 10pm I usually have all of them off. I don’t know why am developing it but I am and it’s annoying. 

So due to my lack of sleep and lack of full brain power I don’t seem to have come up with a nice and different enough post but since I was doing my nails today I thought hmm I could do another manicure blog. 

This nail polish is from primark, still using the same box and my last 2 manicure posts. I love this colour as well I think I just love all the colours in the park I got and I am enjoying mixing them up for added effect. 

If you read manicure 2 I reviewed the previous nail polish colour and the combo I did and you will remember that I struggled to remove the glittered nail polish hence why today have decided to only do it on the nails that don’t seem to be chipping easily that way the chipped nails can get re-painted and I can keep this nail polish for longer than 3 days. 

So here are a few pics of the painted nails, hope you like them as much as me.  Please comment and subscribe if you like this post. 

xoxo Myrabev. 

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