Manicure 4 ~ Purple v Purple

Hey guys!!!

Back again with another manicure blog post!!! Yes have done 3 posts in one day, well I figured since I had the time I thought I dedicate it to my blog then next time it will be my YouTube channel. 
So here we are again and have decided to be random and do two different shades of purple (am not good with colours so correct me if its not purple v purple lol)
Right hand I painted my nails with darker purple I love this nail polish and it drys quick but it’s not non-chip kinda nail polish but I still dig it lol. 

Left hand I chosen a lighter purple (or lilac) just because I felt like it. This is my primark brand and I love it, if you read my previous blog post on manicure and pedicure you will remember that I 
mentioned the pack of 7 small nail polish.

Thanks for reading my blog, hope you liked it, you free to link my post to your blog posts should you wish to. 
xoxo Myrabev  

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