OOTW ~ outs of the week

Hey guys!!! It’s me again and it’s 22:16 on a Wednesday night my body has decided it don’t want to sleep and because of other so inconsiderate situations am not able to sleep. So have decided I will start preparing my outs of the week so far I have three already and will add 2 more once we reach Friday God willing.

So for Monday love I decided to go for my favourite navy blue polka dot dress as some of you might remember from my other blogs I bought this from New Look it’s was also on sale for £13 from £25 I think don’t quote me.

Tuesday I went for another dress but this one is checked instead of polka dot and its black and white with beautiful lace detail on the top part, I got this from everything5pounds online store. 

Wednesday our mid-day I chose to wear this green sees from H&M some of you might notice its resemblance to a black dress I wore previously (pics on Instagram). This was also on sale for £3, from now on I think I should be called queen of sales lol. 

Thursday, it’s my sisters birthday so happy birthday sis. I am wearing a colourful maxi dress from everything5pounds and you guessed it cost me £5. The dress is good cotton material and doesn’t ich or come off its very nice and comfortable.

Today it’s Friday whooooh! I am wearing my black dress from H&M, this little beauty was on sale for £6 from £15 so it’s a bargain, it’s nicely short for me and it fits my curves just fine. Am so in love with it. 

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