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Hey guys? So yea it’s August finally and my new found love is purses and small bags or are they the same thing?

Well so New Look and Top shop are my new fav shops for cute little purses and small bags. Obviously they have to be on sale duh!!!! 
So to start my collection for the month of August I have the following which I fell in love with at first sight. And what made it wonderful was that fact that they were on  sale like you wouldn’t believe. 

This beautiful one side studded purse was on sale for £6 from an original price of about £15 in Top shop. I saw it and oh mama I literally almost fell because I could not believe it. I am not a top shop kinda person but I just had to go and have a look see. 

This what it looks like inside, the photo side area flips over so there is more room for more cards and stuff. 

Because I can only fit paper money in the one sided studded purse I needed a purse for coins hence this beauty I got from New Look. Though it was not on sale it was totally worth it, I got it for £3.99 so worth it. 

Ladies and ladies lol this little bag/purse was definitely made for me. You might remember it from my previous blog about sensible shopping but this bag speaks volume just by looking at it. 

The detail on this beauty is amazing, when I bought it in New Look on sale for £6 from £12.99 I carried it there and then. I went shopping with my house mate and I only carried my purse(different one), I bought this and I started using it instantly. 

I was not dressed to impress that day but when I added this little bag my whole outfit changed. It just stood out and just made me look more cheek than before. 
I think if you looking for a really affordable, good looking, very pretty and funky purse I think this is the purse to buy. New Look and Top shop are the places to visit for these little beauties. 
I must confess I don’t usually go into Top shop because its usually expensive for me! am more of a New Look or H&M kind of person but I over came my fear not my wallet and went in. I took a leap of faith and it paid off. 
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