Sunday glam – pedicure multi-colour!!!

Ever since my boy friend of 5 years going on 6 looked at me without my make-up and still smiled and loved me still was the time I abandoned the make-up routines and being girly by that I mean no makeup not even lip gloss just plain old Vaseline (my life saver) no nail polish no nothing and after 3 years of dating I even stopped exercising until one day he told me he was taking me out to dinner and I found I had nothing to wear so I sproused myself up and just put some simple make-up some lipstick and tidied my hair nicely, my clothes were not too shabby just not exquisite either but they worked there charm because when I walked down stairs he had to double take! a huge smile on his face and said you look so beautiful the words took my breath away. So slowly but surely I have started to dress to impress well except for today and he wanted me that way lol. 

So here am sat @8:30pm repainting my toe nails I did my finger nails yesterday and today when he saw them he said they looked beautiful same tone as last time. He always tells me am beautiful and am pretty but ladies you know sometimes you just don’t feel it and other times when you hear those words you could actually walk on water.  Right now I have painted my nails and sent him a text and the response again blew me away maybe because I wanted to hear it or maybe I am getting more used to it being used every time I try something new (except for getting him camera and posting on YouTube) (smiles).

So here I am with a new pedicure, I have never done this before but after reading countless number of blogs I thought my not me I why can’t I try that? So here I am with my own multi-couloir toe nails and I love it.  They look so different and cool (smiles). 

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Have a good night or day depending on where you are reading this.
xoxo myrabev 

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