10 Must check out Blog!!!!

Hey Guys!!!!
so for the last two weeks on IFB have been checking out quite a lot of blogs and the following blogs kind of stood out for me, check them out when you can.

  1. Katie: HELLO, My Beauty GEMS!♥♥ • Welcome to Beauty blog • lets START Marrying BEAUTY.♥ I made youtube account & I study beauty. I’m Forever Trying To Upload The Little Amazing Things In Life.♥♥ 
  2. Georgina Grogan 
  3. Rinica of she beauty
  4. Naa
  5. Emily of handful of emily
  6. Maha
  7. Hilary B: My name is Hillary. I was recently diagnosed with thyroid cancer which made me think “hey, maybe I should try to make some kind of mark on this world, why not?” Follow my blog to see what happens!
  8. Terri Heckley I’m 18 and blog about beauty, fashion and lifestyle! c0yoteugly.blogspot.com
  9. Eltoria Secrets: Currently ranked number 1 in the UK for ‘Top Up and Coming Blogs for Beauty’. Life. Beauty. Fashion. Discussion
  10. Trynh Best: All things random, wild & free trynh.com 
Hope you find time to check out these lovely blogs, reading these blogs has been inspirational in a way and i hope you find them the same.
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xoxo Myrabev.


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