• All About Me!!!

    Hey Guys!!!

    So following on from grapefruitprincess I decided to do the same, hope you guys enjoy this new post learning stuff about me that you may or may not know. Let me know what you think.


    Attached or single? 
    Happily Attached 

    Best friend? 
    My cousin Trudy

    Cake or pie? 

    Day of the week? 
    Friday, always the best knowing once am done with work its time to chillax to the max

    Essential Item? 
    hmmmm my iphone and ipad because i need to take picturese of where ever i got!!!

    Favorite color? 

    Gummy bears or gummy worms? 
    Neither (at present)

    originally from Kitwe, Zambia Now Cambridge, UK

    Favorite Indulgence? 
    Haagen-Dazs Vanilla and Strawberry cheesecake ice cream

    January or July? 
    July! I was born

    want to have three one day

    Life isn’t complete without? 
    God, a loving family, great friends, amazing food, and of course love & happiness. (agree)

    Must watch TV show? 
    Scandal, castle, covet affairs, NCIS, Brothers and Sisters, True Blood, Revenge

    Number of Brothers/Sisters? 
    1 of each am the eldest 

    Oranges or apples? 
    apples as i dont like peeling oranges

    anything that crawls

    Favorite Quotes? 
    “A frog never realises the importance of the river until its dried up” (my ex said this to me once)
    God is taking good care of me! I’m almost 100% healthy! I have a great family! I will start a new chapter in my life very soon and I’m more than excited! (agree)

    Season of choice? 
    Summer! i dont like the cold but I obviously picked the wrong country

    Tag 3 people? 

    Unknown fact about me? 
    Am obssessed with shifter romance novels on kindle

    Favorite vegetable? 
    None – am allergic (just kidding i dont like them even though i eat them).

    Worst habit? 
    I always have selective hearing when my BF is talking

    X-ray or Ultrasound? 

    Your favorite food? 
    Anything sweet but not too sweet and sour but not too sour!!!

    Zodiac Sign? Cancer

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    xoxo Myrabev.

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