Colours of the Rainbow Tag~ Almost

Hey guys! So following on from maseehah of fashion at its fall I thought great idea let me see if I can pick my favourite beauty or fashion items in colours of the rainbow and as you will notice am missing a colour, can you guess what colour?? Ok I know you feel like your watching Dora the explorer again, find, I am missing indigo I can’t believe I do have any products or clothes in indigo shade not even my eye brow palette. Anyway, here are some pics of some of my rainbow colours. You who is reading this excluding maseehah, I Tag You!!!!

I will start with the left bottom (^)
* Yellow marker pen and yellow nail polish (by pink tease)
* Green shower gel container (by Yves Rocher)
* Purple/violet nail polish and marker pen
* Blue nail polish (by Giles) and blue cap on Vaseline deodorant spray.

And here I have: 

* Red trainers from Primark
* Orange markers 
That’s it’s folks, hope you enjoy this post.
xoxo Myrabev.


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