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Hey guys!!!

Am back again with another DailyLooks my fashion sense post, hope you liked my last one and know most of you did and I am happy so I decided to do another. This time I decided to focus on the wide material leg trousers and some prints. 
***The styles were taken from DailyLooks, please let me know if your interest in checking them out and will provide details***

The five different looks above gave me pause for thought. The first outfit I would definitely wear like that to work (with jacket on top) girls night out, dinner and even clubbing. The second look well not so much as I mentioned in my previous post I was made with extra padding not cast iron. The third look is great as it is and would only wear it going out, the fourth look carries lots of potential. I could rock that at work, dinner, movies, night on the town etc. The last look is great too but same as look three when it comes to wearing it out.
My Look1: Most of you will remember some of the items below from my Fashion Union wish list post, I am so in love with these items and I thought of ways I could rock them out. Firstly though I like the outfit below I could not rock that at work without a jacket so to cover myself I would wear the peplum top and if I want to draw attention to my feet I would add the mixed coloured sandals. I would wear the trousers with the white back cross top the jacket and the boots for a not so chilly winters night out on a date.
My Look2: I love the trouser not with what it’s been paired with, maybe due to some tummy insecurities but mostly because since it’s fall season less skin is better especially in England. So I would throw on the white back crossed top, the jacket (I know I hear ya) and the sandals or boots either works.
My Look3: This look I would not alter at all but for a different occasion, I would rock with the peplum top and the boots because the trouser print is long enough to pass the ankles and blend nicely with the boots.
*** How would you dress these up if this was your closet?***
Thanks for reading my blog! Please comment below and remember your comments are important to me and I read and respond to all of them. 
xoxo Myrabev.


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