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Hey guys!!!
Today’s blog post is around my fashion sense, I think am pretty ok in this department I mean at work am always complemented by both sexes and the women are now telling me that they are thinking twice before they dress so they can look half as fashionable as me. I was so honoured and humbled when the women at work started competing with me because I never thought I had any fashion sense. I usually just throw stuff together and am off, maybe I have developed fashion sense since finishing uni and entering the bad big world of corporate yada yadas.
So today I took these looks from the e-mail DailyLook sent me and I thought for someone with my body type how would I dress them up if I had these type of clothes and accessories? 
Look1: I love the short skirt paired with the high-low top and a clutch bag not forgetting those beautiful heels. I thought I would have added this georgous necklace just to add spark to my outfit and the jacket becaus well it’s fall season and I would only wear this kind of outfit if I was going clubbing.
Look2: I love this outfit but am sorry I was not made with flat iron I was made with extra padding hence why I would have to cover up my port belly (Mayberry over exaggerating but still), so I thought instead of this crop top I would wear a peplum top so as to cover my belly and show less skin on the top and draw attention to my long bueatiful legs.

Look3: this is the same look as above and same reasoning as above but I though for a night out on the town clubbing or just girls night out I would wear the peplum top and throw on this jacket for the cold breeze that my beloved England has a specialty in.

Look4: This is a georgous chick outfit, I usually dress like this on a Saturday when am not going anywhere fancy just walking around this new town I call home. I love the sunflower print on this sweater, as much as I love the bag I usually carry the small bag and would pair it with the jacket for a cold night.
Look5: This outfit I did not like much because I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing such tights not that am against them on other people just for me I don’t think they suit me or even look nice on me so I would go for simple and comfortable and again am not a fan of the denim jacket so I would pair this beautiful and exquisite dress-like top with my favourite jacket as you would have guessed.
Thanks for reading my blog, I appreciate you stopping by and commenting. I appreciate all who take the time as your comments are important to me. 
Let me know what you think of my fashion sense and if you agree or don’t and how you would wear these outfits.
xoxo Myrabev.


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