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Hey guys!!!!

Hope your having great weekend cause I sure am, it’s been an interesting week. Work busy Monday – Friday 9-5 then Friday I attended a wedding immediately after work so that was interesting. Ended up leaving the wedding reception to attend Qclub in Reading town and now am hurting in places I didn’t know I had muscles well maybe cellulite or fat in my case (just kidding). 
So am back again with my fashion sense post, I will mention again that I get these looks from my DailyLooks e-mails. I am always inspired and I try daily to recreate some of the outfits especially for work.
This weeks DailyLooks are featuring leopard prints in some capacity, I must confess I was never a fun of leopard prints but only because I was and slightly is still scared I might not get it right. So here is the 4 different looks I got for you all.

Look1: I love this ensemble, this is something I can and have pulled off quite nicely in the last couple of weeks. This outfit is simple, causal but yet sophisticated! The short leather skirt paired with a simple grey top, some ankle boots and simple black bag plus nailing the outfit is this georgous leopard print jacket. A perfect Autumn look.
Look2: this look had me had black leather pencil skirt, beautifully made stilettos and simple bag. The jacket did not do much for my taste and the hat would only be appealing if I wanted this look as an outside work look. The grey t-shirt gives this look a simplistic feel yet still been followed by classic churnings.
Look3: this look I had to think about because high and low kinda clothes can disappoint by different body types I mean if you are really heavy on the top then this look will look like maternity wear gone wrong (that’s my opinion). But for the rest of the look I like it but would think twice before wearing it.
Couldn’t resit putting my nephew’s picture!
Look4: The final look I like but would not wear, though fonke I just don’t feel it. I don’t know why but this pairing my escaped my fashion sense or lack there of.

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xoxo Myrabev

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