• Do you want £500?? ~ Fashion Union Wish List

    Hey guys!!!!

    Fashion Union is have an amazing competition going on at the moment and its open to every one. I am so excited to be entering this competition with some of the items have had my eye on for a while now. The competition is open until the 30th of september and 8 entries (fashion union favourites) will be put on fashion union Facebook page and a winner will be announced on the 4th of October! Yay! So basically if fashion union puts your wish list on Facebook and then the fans like your wish list most equals you win simples.

    So now that we know the rules, I have assembled a few of my items for my wish list. Am sure people will think am crazy but have chosen items that I absolutely love and even if I did not win the competition I could still go and purchase one at a time. I can hear your screaming what’s wrong with this girl! Well nothing really that I can pinpoint!!!

    So hope you guys like my wish list and should I be chosen by fashion union as one of its favourites I hope you check out the fashion union Facebook fan page and like my wish list.

    Did I mention that this competition is open internationally and the prize is £500 to spend at Fashion union??? Am sure I did, well if not now you know!!!!

    To get more information on the competition, use this link ~ http://bit.ly/199X4ST

    Thanks for reading my blog, fingers crossed.
    xoxo Myrabev.

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