****Emptying it out***

Most of you by now would have seen my new spending ban post, to enforce that even further have decided to empty my bathroom, beauty bag and toilet stuff out first before getting new ones and only essentials will be purchased with my boy friends approval ( after a convincing argument from me)
So for my beauty bag I have to finish;
• All eyeliners, eye cream and eye shadows
• All nail polish and all colours need to be use or thrown away
• All shower creams, baths, gels and exfoliating creams.
• All lipsticks
• All make-up foundations and MAC powder and liquid foundation and Maybelline primer
• All perfumes, body mist,  deodorant or spray
Y’all get the idea, am sure there are other things that I will need to finish before I can buy anything new. 
I very much want to stick to this spending ban and if you guys have any advice please do share. 
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xoxo Myrabev


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