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Hey guys!!!

So today’s outfit really nailed shut for me in the heard that fall (means winter to me) has arrived! I honestly don’t know how to dress for this weather, I mean I come from a country with only 2 seasons if it ain’t cold it’s hots but saying that even the cold season it’s usually only in the morning and at night but otherwise its  warm all year around. So I really struggle with this season but that don’t mean I can’t have no wish list from my favourite store H&M. 
Drum roll please****
Item 1.

When it comes to the cold I don’t play around, with the beautiful jacket going for £29.99 in H&M I just want one ASAP unfortunately am on a spending ban. Normally I would get size 14UK then wear a long sleeve polo top, with tunk top inside, a thermal fleece jacket then this jacket. I don’t mess around with the cold.   

Item 2.

The bottom half am not usually too concerned with hence this beautiful khaki trouser would fit my bootie just fine, if I was extremely cold I would wear thermal tights inside just to stop the bone I call my back side from freezing up. 

Item 3.

My boyfriend knows I suffer from a bad case of cold hands and feet. Sometimes I just sneak up on him and I put my feet next to his torso and good lord he almost  always want to swear more than a Spanish maid (no offence). So to cover up my freezer feet these would go nicely with my wooly socks especially since they would ride up all the way up to my gorgeous calfs (not self proclaimed – have been told several times) 


Finally on my wish list is this gorgeous long sleeve shirt, the detail on the shoulders and the design of the sleeves had me at first glance. I would get this in size 12 because I would prefer a loose fit and would like to chuck in a spaghetti top just for good measure. 

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xoxo Myrabev.

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