• Good Bye September ~ September Favourites

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    Today is the last day of September! My goodness were has the time gone? Where?what?who? Are all the questions I posed for September and now it’s almost finished.

    They say time moves fast when your having fun or do they say when your enjoying yourself! Ah well either way, September has been very interesting for me and I mean really interesting. I have had some many changes and have experienced so many things, met new people, made new friends I hope to stay I’m touch with for ever and just learnt a lot about myself and what I am capable of.
    Right down to business, there has been quite a lot of favourites this month and surprisingly my spending ban is one of them! I know mum am shocked and surprised too. I have gone over 30 days sticking to my spending ban and the rules were simple if it was not needed or was not food then no buying, I realised how into this I was when I walked away from a sale, from bargains with very very tempting offers.
    For my make-up and other face products the following have really stood out for me.
    * BB cream ~ separate post will be up soon! but this product has really hit it off for me. I was not sure about it but I wore it under my foundation and sweet Jesus the glow I got was amazing. The compliments didn’t hurt either it was and still is amazing little product which I will be investing in.
    * Mac Concelear ~ have had this little container for a while now but I never appreciated it until now, i now under the full meaning of concealing and maybe a little contouring. I wear Concelear everyday even though I don’t really have things to cover up but it’s just amazing.

    * lavender tea tree exfoliating face wash~ this face wash has been a life saver! check out my post on this product here. As much as I love simple face wash I have found myself substituting it with the lavender tea tree face wash. It feels great on the skin, it’s gentle and does not make my nose peel.

    * Lord and Berry lip liner ~ I have never been one to wear lip liner! I used to prefer just slapping some Vaseline to moisturise and apply the lipstick and am good to go. In all my time doing this I found I needed multiple applications for the lipstick to stay on and not smudge, since using my lord and Berry lip liner is have noticed a subtle difference.

    These are some of my September favourites, good bye September and welcome October. Thanks for reading my blog, please comment and subscribe.

    **All my reader are important to me and I read and reply to all comments posted**

    xoxo Myrabev



    1. September 15, 2014 / 5:26 pm

      I love the idea of a spending ban! Its such a great way to save money and keep the clutter down around the house. Good work sticking to your goal. 🙂

      -Lara @ Methodical Living

      • September 22, 2014 / 7:28 am

        Thank you Lara I really appreciate your comment. Sometimes its not easy sticking to some goals but glad I did with this one

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