• {Guest Post} How Do you treat your Skin? ~ Deal with Eczema Naturally

    A while back I was contacted by Richard! who wanted to guest post on my blog, since I have family and friends who have suffered with eczema I was really interested in learning more about dealing with it naturally. This post has great information and am glad I agreed for Richard to guest post on my blog.
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    It is estimated that up to 5% of adults suffer from eczema and have uncontrollable outbursts of red and itchy skin. Managing this condition can be stressful as eczema is prone to appear on a person’s face and hands and often can’t be hidden. Doctors will be able to provide proven treatments but for some people it is important to look elsewhere as many want to make sure they are taking every possible step to ease their skin back to health.

    • What will a doctor recommend?

    A doctor will recommend a selection of moisturising treatments and corticosteroid. In some cases a doctor will also recommend antibiotics, antihistamines and oral corticosteroids. Each treatment will depend on the individual severity of the eczema.
    • Is it not just OK to use these options?

    These treatments have a high success rate but some people may not want to use too many medications. Antihistamines can cause drowsiness after being taken and there are many possible side effects to corticosteroids such as high blood pressure for adults and stunted growth for children.
    Many people will however use these proven remedies alongside some natural treatments.
    • What are the natural treatments?

    Eat healthy. Switch to a diet high in fruit and vegetables and avoid food that is likely to cause further skin problems such as fatty and sugary foods.
    Take natural supplements and use herbal remedies. A popular option is Kelp. Kelp supplements are a strong alkali and will go a distance to neutralising the acids in food that cause eczema. There are a vast number of herbal remedies other than Kelp that people have benefited from and trying a selection of these will help achieve the best results.

    Use an organic coconut oil. When applied to the skin coconut oil will soothe the area and fight infection. It contains Vitamin K and Vitamin E and will help with the alleviation of the itching.
    Take a sea-salt bath. Bathing in salty water will go a long way to relieving any redness on the skin as the salt helps remove the dead skin cells on the body. Make sure that after taking a sea-salt bath (or any other bath and shower) that the skin is dried softly and with plenty of delicacy. Any amount of force or friction against the body is unnecessary and can cause the eczema to flame up.

    Treat your skin well by detecting what aggravates the eczema. While not all eczema becomes inflamed by day-to-day activities, for some people it can be as easy as monitoring what the skin comes in contact with. If there is a pattern of certain washing powders adding to the problem then make sure these are avoided. If some fabrics make matters worse it is best to avoid those.

    Thanks for reading this post, please comment below and ask any questions or any concerns you might have. To get more information on eczema please click here

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