Mela ~ Indian Event

Mela ~ Indian Event

Hey Guys!!!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend because I sure did, even though my plans changed at last minute. Anyhow! I attended the Mela event hosted by BBC Three counties in Luton park. Unfortunately due to the bad weather I wasn’t able to take good pictures but I took some which I wanted to share. I don’t know much about Mela, this was my first time attending it. To those interested in some background information which I googled online for:
Mela (Sanskritमेला) is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘gathering’ or ‘to meet’ or a ‘fair’. It is used in the Indian subcontinent for all sizes of gatherings and can be religious, commercial, cultural or sport-related. In rural traditions melas or village fairs were (and in some cases still are) of great importance. This led to their export around the world by south Asian diaspora communities wishing to bring something of that tradition to their new countries.

In recent times “Mela” also popularly refers to shows and exhibitions. It can be theme-based, promoting a particular culture, art or skill. Generally in “melas” people can find eateries, entertainment activities, shops and games”.

Thanks for reading my blog, let me know if you have attended a mela event before.


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