• Monthly Anniversary ~ Do you?

    Hey Guys?

    So anniversaries!!!!! When I met my boy friends shy of six years now I decided I wanted to celebrate my relationship every month. I didn’t want to have a relationship where you only celebrated each other on either V-day, C-day, B-day or N-day. I wanted every single month we celebrate the exact date we decided to date, when I talked my friends about this they used to laugh and think I was weird and the idea was a bit childish but I didn’t care do you know why! My life! My choice! I am blessed to have a boy friend who feels the same way, for almost 6 years now on the 19 of each month I get a text and always followed by a call wishing us a happy anniversary from my boy friend. He knows how important it is to me and he makes the effort.

     For three years we used to make sure we had the 19th every month off no matter what and we did, in our fourth year we got new careers new directions in life and things become hard and we couldn’t always make it on the 19th so we decided we would either celebrate a few days before or a few days after. Up to now we strive to ensure we can do something together to celebrate our special day, don’t get me wrong am not saying any other day we love each other less or don’t cherish each other as much NO we still do and will continue to do so God permitting. What am saying is instead of having your honeymoon period at the beginning of the relationship why don’t you have honeymoon every month? It don’t have to be costly just being in each others presence, reminiscing, chatting and knowing each other more each time should be enough. Occasionally we through in a good night on the town, either dinner date, movie or clubbing all even all three in one night if we feel like it.

    Relationships are hard work but so is everything worth having in life, how committed, how much love you give, how often you practice patience, how kind your heart is and how open your mind and eyes are will help you in your relationship. But above all else put God first, how many times do we hear people of faith say that? They say it because that believe it and they have seen it work if not in themselves then in others. 
    We all want that perfect relationship but we don’t want to work for it, wise people say you reap what you saw!!!! 

    Thanks for reading my blog and join me and my partner as we celebrate 5years and 8months. Happy Anniversary Baby!!!
    xoxo Myrabev. 

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