• Myrabev’s Corner ~ My Bridget Jones Moment

    Hey Guys!!!

    Sorry not done much blogging this week but I have been so busy at work and just trying to catch up with the corporate world (story for another day). Anyway! Tuesday was a really really weird~Fun and strange day for me I really felt like Bridget Jones. So Monday evening I booked a taxis to pick me up from my house on Tuesday around half 6am. So tuesday comes and I wake up at 6:15am and as soon as I get in to water on me in the bathroom taxis shows up! I poke my head out the window and I signal 5 minutes please and went back to showering ~┬ádressing. I come out of the house 10+ minutes later with short black dress paired with tights which give the illusion of suspenders and knee length high heeled leather in hand running so the taxis meter doesnt go off chart. So I enter the taxis and the driver looks at me and asks if i live at the house i just came from and am like yea i do he says and i quote “thanks gad, was thinking something else by your appearace and rate at which you bolted out of the house” me being me i smiled and we went to the train station.

    I arrive at train station, driver parks next to a few male cabbies and when i come out all dressed up now but with my dress having rolled up by itself i get the looks from the men and they ask if i had good night i say yes it was a great night. I walk into the train station, ticket master gives me a once over then says he knows me and that i by tickets to luton a lot am like yea sure i do. He starts to chat me up me being nice i just listen and dont respond. Few minutes later my train arrives i get on train with corporate world on my ass, the men looking at me and smiling and the women just looking and looking. I check myself and found my fake suspnders AKA tights are showing nicely so i pull my dress back down but still nothing changes. On my trip i had to take 3 trains and on all these trains and i got some looks that just started to make me cringe i felt like someone was gonna jump me or close enough. I know sometimes i dress provocatively but i dont do it for them i do it for me and my man.

    So i arrive at this posh hotel and i ask the female receptionist who sends me to the building outside the main hotel, i get there enter the room and find 20-30 men in suits sat listening to this other guy teach. They all turned and gave me the once over couple times for almost 2 minutes no one said anything till i asked if i was in the correct room for my kind of training and then the instructor after giving me another once over answers saying no. I left went back to reception and explained i was sent to wrong meeting room i am looking for so and so and the guy directed me to the room in the main building but before he finished he gave me another once over. I get to my training room and they are just starting phew.

    Its the first break of the day and I go to the little nosy room, checking my self out was priority number 1, after doing that nature took over! came out and stood in front of the mirror and thats when i noticed that “I HAD MY DRESS THE WRONG WAY ROUND”. I was mortified and you might ask why? well let me explain

    I have this beautiful H&M black dress which has this most amazing lace at the back and it extends from my colar bone to exactly under my boobs, but the thing is the lace is meant to be at the back NOT at the front and I had it in front thereby showing the world my gorgeous bra and my extremely generous God given cleavage.

    I did what any girl would do, i changed the dress round and wore it how it was meant to be worn. I was travelling for a good 2 and half hours on trains and in taxis and NO ONE bothered to ask me to cover up a bit on the top, i mean they are not my mother or my guardian but come on ladies a quite word to a fellow female does not always bite.

    So this was my Bridget Jones moment, I would like the share more but its too much so for now this is it. Have you ever had a Bridget Jones moment before? What was it? Comment below and share with us all.

    xoxo Myrabev.


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