Nightly routine (when I remember)

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Hey guys, am back with another quick post on my nightly routine. So since moving to Newbury (due to my job) I have fallen into a routine and it usually goes like this;
• Get home, if I can be bothered will cook and eat something but usually I don’t because lunch meals are usually heavy enough to sustain me till following morning (when real hunger strikes)
• Check my e-mails, blog and call my fellar
• If not feeling inspirational then I usually start watching my tv series e.g covet affairs, rizzoli & isles, rookie blue etc then sleep
• On my inspirational evenings (which is practically daily now) I check out blogs on bloglovin, Better Blogger Network, etc. I comment when ever I find something interesting, I like when I actually like a post or the entire blog etc and also share on my personal Facebook page when I really want the word spreading on that issue (what ever it may be). 
• When I get bothered and/or I have makeup on I wash my face with simple face wash (soon to change to Arran aromatics lavender and tea facial wash) and only rarely I will apply the hydrating light moisturiser also by simple. 
• I always brush my teeth before bed, how well I do that at night is to be decided by a judge lol
• Last thing I do is check all my social media tools and then call my fellar on hangout and chat for at least 15 minutes then I sleep. Am grateful to Apple for the no disturb button on my iPhone and iPad. 
So that’s all folks, hope you enjoyed reading my blog. Till next time, ciao . Let me know your nightly routines!
xoxo Myrabev


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