Macadamia Oil Body Moisturiser ~ Review

For a long time I have struggled to find that one body moisturiser that can cater to my needs, i have tried a numerous number of products in hopes of finding one that:
* i can wear all day and stay looking fresh
* my skin won’t dry up after
* no multiple applications
* regardless of how many times I change my clothes, the moisturiser stays on
>> until I bought macadamia oil rich body butter by Mellor&Russell. I have been using this product for over a month now i love it and I am soon due for another one.

I purchased my first macadamia moisturiser this year from pounland, I was looking a moisturiser that would not leave me dry a few hours after application. I was a bits sceptical at first because of how much I spent on this product so I figured if it disappointed me that won’t be a surprise because I got it for only £1 but I was honestly surprised on my first application my skin did not only say moisturised it’s didn’t dry or even crack 10 hours after application. I was so amazed, I mean I didn’t expect much from this product, the best part is I don’t have to put baby oil in it to stay moisturised all day (some of my sun kissed lady’s will understand what I mean). 
This body butter butter does exactly as it says on the tin and best of all it’s only £1, I have best of both worlds great for my skin and affordable. I would recommend this to anymore who is tired of there current body cream, are looking to change or both. 
This product is now part of my beauty essentials, I always travel with it regardless of where am going, I love the smell the texture and how it feels when I apply it on my skin. For me this product is Devine and an answer to my prayers I kid you not.
**This is NOT a sponsored post, I bought this with my own money and I am sharing because a good product like this should not be hidden.***
Thanks for reading my blog, as always much appreciated. Let me know if you use this product and your experience with it.
xoxo Myrabev.

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