What’s in my bathroom basket?

Hey guys!

Today am coming to you with a bathroom post, what’s is my bathroom basket was an inspirational post that I got from different bloggers who’ve been writing about “what’s in my bag” posts. I decided to be different and random and I decided to write this post.
So down to the details now, since am renting a room I don’t really have the privilege to keep all my stuff in the bathroom however what I do appreciate is the landlord’s idea, she has provided us all with a basket to keep our bathroom essentials in and obviously any extras we keep in our rooms. I don’t really like clogging up my bathroom basket so I only keep the following items as these I use every morning!!!!

• shower gel (Yves Rocher)
• face wash (Simple)
• toothpaste & brush (both by Colgate)
• nail cleaner (came in a pack)
• bikini area shaver 
• bath sponge 
These are the items I keep in my bathroom basket, what are yours? 
Thanks for reading my blog as always, please comment below and like the page too it won’t cost you anything but I will appreciate it greatly. 
xoxo Myrabev. 


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