• What’s in my work bag?

    What's in my work bag

    What’s in my work bag?

    So for this post I thought I do the now on trend what’s in my work bag! I decided to show you guys what I normally carry in my work bag the simplified version. Why simplified because once upon a time I used to carry a small first aid box and a large make-up bag now have chucked both of them out and just carry some make-up stuff and hardly any first aid stuff.

          Can’t leave the house without

    1. Purse (my studded purse just carries the wow factor and none of the money factor lol!!!
    2. My coins purse (don’t want to bulge up my normal purse so now it’s a must to walk with my coins purse)
    3. My iPhone though i don’t really use it but prefer my Samsung
    4. My keys obviously
    5. My Vaseline I need to keep them lips soft and shiny
    **** love to carry my iPad ****

           Now added to my bag

    1. Brow pencil and eyeliner pencil
    2. Perfume (always had but not always carried)
    3. Melvita hand cream (so far love but not too much the scent)
    4. Lord & Berry lipstick and kissable lip liner
    5. Work I.D badge and my sub glasses
    This all does not include my work laptop and documents which I sometimes carry in my laptop bag but if I don’t want two bags I get a bigger bag that can fit everything including my laptop.
    These are some of the items I love to carry, what is in your work bag.

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