Autumn Tag

autumn tag
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Happy Autumn everyone, this is my first ever Tag and I am excited to give it a try. I have been seeing this on other blogs that I frequent and I thought this looks fun to do. The lovely Erica of Diary of a Trendaholic tagged me, I will try to answer as best I can. The idea is to answer the questions below, then tag two fellow bloggers to answer the same questions. The tagged bloggers have to then tag other fellow bloggers and so on. Since it is my first tag, I am very excited being such a new blogger (3 months) and all. So without further adieu;

Autumn Tag

Q. What is your favourite thing about autumn?
A- Honestly I love that its not yet cold enough to be winter and is not far off summer, it makes it a bit easy for me to dress because come winter equals I turn into an Eskimo. Those who know me, know that I am a summer baby and love summer more.
Q. What is your favourite drink?
A. This is easy because I am a hot chocolate (with cream) kinda girl. I drink hot chocolate all year round, even during summer because I am weird that way.
Q. What is your favourite candle scent?
A. Another easy one! Vanilla, I don’t know what it is about this scent but I cant get enough of it.
Q. What is your favourite fall lipstick?
A. This is harder because I seem to be wearing all my lipsticks at present but the MUA pink always does the trick. 
Q. What is your go to fall moisturizer?
A. Macadamia Oil body moisturizer is now my favourite fall moisturizer, as it’s oily enough to keep me moisturised.
Q. What is your favourite go to colour for the eyes?
A. I have not really been one for eye shadow but lately have been hooked on E.L.F Duo eye shadow cream in green & brown.
Q. What is your favourite outfit to wear?
A. Lately it’s been my floral mini skirt from MRP, White late top paired with some comfy heels or flats dependant on the day.
Q. What is your favourite autumn treat?
A. Gin and Tonic, I am not an alcoholic but lately after work I am popping in the local pub and grabbing me some Gin to calm the nerves.
Q. What is your favourite place to be?A. Mr Dude. Lately its becoming harder to see each other, too much traveling between us. My friends think we now ready to live together but have been ready since day one just timing.

And there you have it, my first ever Autumn tag.  I Tag Clement of 9jafrikfashion, Selorm of She Just Talks and Holly of  strawberryxshortcakes.

Answer the same questions above, comment on this post and include a link in your introduction of your post.

If you want to participate then ago right ahead.