Beauty Things I Suck at

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Hey Guys! So I saw this Tag on katespitz’s blog and I just wanted to try it because i know i suck when it comes to beauty things so here goes nothing:

  • Eye Shadow combos ~ I suck when it comes to wearing multi colours I prefer to stick to one because one time i tried it and i looked like a black widow and not the cute one.
  • Eye brows ~ My friends think I draw my eye brows pretty good but i dont because when i watch some YouTubers i just think wow when i try to recreate that its a massive fail.
  • Nail Polish ~ Good lord no matter how many times i do it what kind of nail brush i use i still mess up so now i just paint how ever i can then once dry i wash my hands and remove the excess when running water.
  • Contouring ~ Well this one i tried 3 times and i came out looking like Frankenstein’s widow i knew that was not my forte.
Thanks for reading my blog post, see you in my next post.
xoxo Myrabev
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