Breaking Milestones Like the Sopranos!!!!!!

Hey Guys!!!

I know my title for this post is cheesy but I just wanted to thank my readers and viewers for yet more milestones being reached.
 Bloglovin – 100 followers for my blog 
Twitter – 103 followers 
Facebook Fan Page – 55 likes 
YouTube – 40 subscribers and over 11,000+ views 
For me this is a lot and I am just saw greatful. So after my current giveaways are done and dusted I will be holding another one and since it will be a couple days before halloween, I could do a halloween giveaway (UK only – quick delivery) or christmas gift (World wide) what do you guys think? or I could just take some of you for a cuppa jo in london?? Suggestions?!!! 

Thanks again so much for reading, subscribing and making this stressed out graduate’s life a bit better and brought a smile to my face. 

Its 10pm Monday evening, I had long day at work, weather was miserable but I had a good time with my friends discussing life over a bowl of chips and some Gin&Tonic. 

Thanks again for reading, commenting and following very much appreciated deeply trully madly. 

xoxo Myrabev


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