[DailyLooks] ~ Fashion Monday Again

Hey Guys and Girls! Its Monday which means its DailyLooks ~ my fashion sense post. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend because I know I did, check out my last two posts Here and Here. Please note I take these images from the e-mails am sent by DailyLook.

Look1: Jumpsuits ~ my man hates these things and with good reason (for him), me I love them except bathroom time. This look is simple yet sophisticated enough to be worn anywhere be it to work, church, lunch date etc. I love that its paired with this stilettos, the cardigan gives it the casual look. This look I would ROCK

Look2: Red Dress, I love this dress this is one of the pieces I have in my closet. I have always paired this dress with either flats (for when am running errands) or heels (for when I dress to impress). I am not so sure about the boots in this look but I love the entire ensemble regardless. I ROCK this look

Look3: Lace Dress – In my closet there is only so many lace items but I love them and am a little bit scared when it comes to styling them up. This is a simple look  and as stated by DailyLooks “Bastille’s nightlife”. The shoes am not too happy with but I am not always happy wearing tights on a night out. CONSIDERING THE LOOK.

Look4: Well slap me silly and the wake me up again, I am so in love with this look!! Its cute, Its fashionable, its elegant and its beautiful. I am wearing this look for my friend’s wedding (as soon as the invite arrives). WILL ROCK THIS LOOK.

Look5: Floral Pants ~ This is my one and only floral pant, I was so happy when I saw this look in DailyLooks E-mail. I have been looking for how to style it differently to my usual, I love that its paired with gorgeous animal print heels. This look is sophisticated yet elemo.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, please comment below and let me know what you think. As always its a pleasure and is greatly appreciated when you stop by. Have a wonderful Monday and God bless.

 **If you love these looks and would like to buy any of the items above please visit www.dailylooks.com**

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