DailyLooks ~ Reminder of my Clubbing Days!!!

Hey guys!

Am back again with my DailyLook fashion sense post, today I thought I cover the dresses I would or used to rock back in the day (like a year ago +) when I was still at uni. These four dresses all speak the same tone and I quite like it though I am sure my taste has changed since we back when.

*** For this post, I have left the descriptions on as described by Dailylook as I don’t think I would give them enough justice***
Look1: This blue number is very appealing a and I would totally rock this look. It commands attention even in a dark environment of the clubs.
Look2: This look screams WOW to me I love the red clutch and the shoes plus overall styling but thought the front panel is beautiful I am not 100% on it.
Look3: This look is great but am sorry DailyLooks I would not wear this on first date unless my intentions was to paint slap me silly across my face and return me to “older values” of cover and preserve at frist. Hmmm thinking!!
Look4: Amazing look but my tummy will still need to pass judgement to this gorgeous look. The lace covers the panel very nicely it also gives the impression of a two piece (crop top & short skirt) instead of one piece (the whole dress). 
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xoxo Myrabev


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