FOTD: What and How Much???

 For my morning routine it’s pretty simple to work out how much I spend on my face, though I may not have much need for make-up I am enjoying just putting it on for my own sake and no one else and also stepping out of my comfort zone and daring to start something new. Down to business, I use the following products every morning:

  • Arran aromatics lavender facial wash or simple facial wash (Simple was £2.37, Lavender wash unknown (came as part of beauty box))
  • Simple face moisturiser (was £1.25)
  •  BB cream all skin perfection with sp15 (was £3.58)
  •  MAC concealer (for under my eyes only) was £11.52 (staff discount)
  •  Maybelline Dream Mousse Foundation (£3.35)
  •  ELF Duo Eyeshadow Cream (£1.99)
  •  Mascara Waterproof by Cien was £1.99
  •  Giles Brow Pencil & Brush was £2.99 from New Look
  • MAC Powder NW45 was £25
  • Scented Floral Water spray (to set the makeup) price unknown as was part of beauty box
  • ***The Results*** Totally approx. £54.04
  •  Hmmm ah well!!! I never thought my face cost this much. Anyway for my night routine I pretty use same products except I only use two of those listed above.
  • Arran Aromatics Lavender facial wash or Simple facial wash
  •  Simple face moisturiser
  • Vaseline for the lashes and lips.
  • How much is your face worth?


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