Friday is almost here

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Hey Guys! So Friday is almost here yay!!!!!!
I have to say the last two weeks have been really stressful for me, I am finding it hard to do my posts after work, to do literally anything after work because am just too tired or drained out of my mind. I enjoy being at work, because there I have my friends, things to do to keep me sane and just the entire environment is pleasant. But once I finish I usually lose all this and all I do is watch movies and sleep because I am making myself work hard so when I get home am too tired to do anything but be a couch potato. Yes I am rambling and mourning and complaining but that’s life.

Lately I have been asking myself what other talents do I have outside work? I mean say for example one of my colleagues can design and sew and bake and do lots other stuff and my other colleague she can bake, make jam, knit etc so what can I do outside work that I can consider a talent? I don’t think coming home and reading romantic/erotic novels is a talent or even watching every US crime drama that I have heard of is a talent.
This has been bugging me a lot and I am just trying to figure all this out and it’s frustrating because I feel like a failure in my own eyes because I don’t think am anything special. The only accomplishments I have to my name are finishing uni and finding a good job a week after my final university exam. After that nothing, zilch, nada, kulibe. 
I guess every now and again we all go through stuff that makes us question who we are and what our purpose is on this planet. I am not going to lie and say from this day forth I will up wake and realise my talent because let’s be honest it ain’t gonna hit me on the head. So for now I will wallow in my own self pity and eat ice cream then tomorrow I will see the love of my life and try to forget about my little rant.
Anyway! Thanks for reading my blog, please comment below with any advice you might have for my semi-mid life issues (not crisis).
xoxo Myrabev.

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