Happies & Crappies – Its Friday

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Hey Guys!!!
Its Friday and I am so glad its here, its been one hell of a week thank God its over I am not wishing my life away I am just stating the obvious for many. Those who I work with will understand and those who have been going throw some stuff am sure also understand my need to jump up and shout on top of my voice that it’s Friday.

so down to business with the happies and crappies


* Fear not today is Friday but its also end of the end.

* Tomorrow will see  my mother and sister and will have some good time
* Yesterday was Zambians independence, happy 49th mother Zed

* Moved into new office building
* Still having some wonderful weather (occasionally) so still rocking some summer outfits

* I am alive, thank my God his given me another chance


* Friend (different one to the one who died last week) was buried couple days ago
* Guilty is a sucker (excuse my French)
* Stress still exists.

Thanks for reading my blog, how has your week been? Anything exciting or calming happening or will be happening?


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