How is Your Weekend So Far?

Happy Sunday Y’all, so I had a fun packed day yesterday and by God’s amazing grace all went as planned. So Friday after work I travelled to see my boy friend and stayed at his house where we chilled and ate comfort foods then Saturday I woke up early to hit the shops before the Zambian (Independence day) party in the afternoon. I don’t know about you but lately I have been struggling when it comes to shopping for fall/winter clothes, mainly for me its because they are so expensive and two I am mainly a summer child so its hard to adapt sometimes. I also have this thing of shopping for fall/winter clothes during summer and summer clothes during winter because they are always at reduced price and I can stock up.

Anyway! So I did a quick run around the town, I managed to buy a winter jacket (cheap obviously), some summer tops, a sweater and some other accessories. I spent the rest or the morning and early afternoon playing with my hair and how I was going to wear it for the party, in the end I decided lace wig because I could not be asked to rock my natural hair.

My boyfriend drove me to the party around 5:30pm, where I met my mother and sister it was so good to see my family again. We all live so far away from each other its kinda hard and heartbreaking not to see them everyday when we’ve been used to doing that for the past 21 years (going by my little sister’s age), change like that is hard and I know most of you guys will agree with me. I am fortunate that we are all in same country and we can always just grab a train or hop on a bus and go see my family members but regardless its still hard.

The party was AMAZING, I was expecting less but I am glad I was proven wrong. Though the coordination and arrangement could have done with some improvements they made up for it with some good food and music, we danced our little hearts out as Zambians and are very thankful for this opportunity.

It was a very good Saturday that the lord gave my family, friends and myself and I am forever grateful. Again my boyfriend came and greeted my mother and the elders just to show our respect.

Thank you so much for reading my blog guys, I know this is the first kind of blog have described my day and has hardly any pictures but I am glad I am writing it.

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