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Hey Guys!!! so I came across this blog hop and I was very intrigued, when I find there were set questions to answer it was even better. The Rules are simple, see below.

Here are the easy rules:
  • Follow Tina (your host) @ Amanda’s Books and More.
  • Link up your family friendly blog.
  • Please try to add my hop button on your most recent post or on your side-bar.
  • Share about this hop on Twitter, Google+ or Facebook.
  • Visit at least the last two blogs before your link and leave a comment.
  • Follow any new blogs that you like.

•How long have you been blogging? I have been blogging since July the 8th 2013, a day after my 26th birthday. I did not know much about blogging (i still dont) but I was just going with the wind and hoping (still hoping) I land on my feet.

•What was your first blog post about? I remember writing a post i later called randomness post, I ranted about my life, teenage behaviour that i witnessed! More about my first ever post please click HERE

•How many posts have you written? This is my 92nd post, wow have done a lot in less than 3 months of blogging. My last two posts were

  1. 1.My first happies&crappies
  2. 2. October Goals ~ Monthly Goals

•What is your favourite topic to blog about? This is a bit hard because i usually write what i feel like writing on any particular day so cant say. For example:

  1. 1. My Bridget Jones Moment
  2. 2. My Fashion Sense
  3. 3. Wish Lists

•How has blogging changed your life?  It has given me a way to better myself, to escape to my own little paradise etc. I can be whomever I want to be in this my own little world and found been true to number 1 first leads to been a better friend/lover/mummy/papa you get my drift.


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