Manicure #6 ~ Chestnut Red

Hey lovelies! It’s Wednesday and I have decided to start doing my manicure posts again! I really enjoyed doing them but now I hardly have the time to take photos once I do my nails.

Anyway enough of that, so today and the rest of this week I will be rocking chestnut red by Cien. This is a brand am not so familiar with but am working my way up.I bought this nail polish during a grocery run with my boo and I just could not pass up the opportunity. I am also trying out other Cien products like Lip gloss (in chestnut red too) and waterproof mascara.

This nail polish is quick dry and a single coat is enough to give that vibrant chestnut colour and have good coverage but since I wash my hands like a mad person I always put two coats of any nail polish for a longer wear. I did a test drive on this nail polish about a month again and I only had one coat on I was disappointed in that within 2 days it was coming off hence why am doing two coats now. Thanks for reading my post, hope to see you again on my next post.

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