MY 2nd SUNSHINE AWARD – A Great Start to My Week

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Hey Guys!! so last week I got an e-mail from Jordan of SillySilberman: The Sunshine Award Nomination who I met at better blogger network tell me that I had been nominated for a Sunshine Award, I was so surprised and I remember saying WHAT!!! like four times before it actually sunk in. I have explained to Jordan that since I was recently nominated by another blogger I will not be choosing 11 bloggers instead I will only be answering the 11 questions she has set. So here goes nothing,

What did you have for lunch yesterday? I woke up later than usual so my boyfriend made me brunch of omelette, fresh tomatoes, cucumber and some green tea.
What made you start blogging/what do you blog about? I started blogging as a way of passing time because I moved to a new town and I had no one so as means of escape I started blogging  but now I blog because I love it and I blog about everything from personal stuff to random mamblings.
What was the biggest thing you have ever won? I won 50 pounds on Bingo machine, that has never been repeated.
If you had the chance to give advice to a new blogger, what would it be? Be your self, stay true to who you are and don’t get swayed easily by attractive offers.
What was your least favorite subject in school? History was my least favourite subject only because I got confused once at church when our youth teacher explained that we needed to choose what we believed in either that we came from apes or that God created us and I choose God and just couldn’t care less about history.
Describe the perfect day. Waking up to my partner’s beautiful face and just staring in his eyes all day long. I could say shopping all day or relaxing at the spa but that wouldn’t be my overall perfect day.
How do you get blog post inspiration? Mostly by reading other blogs or just things I witness in life or something my friends say or suggests.
What would you be doing if you never started your blog? Sleeping and watching movies because that all I can do in the town I live in now, I cant be going to the pub every day after work so sleeping and watching movies.
If you could eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be? Chocolate then I would die happy
If you could meet anyone in the future, past, or present, who would it be and why? A younger me and I would tell the younger me not to be so naive and go after what I believed in and wanted at those crucial times in my life as a younger adult. 

How would you handle a rainy day without an umbrella? I always use my bag, please them they have seen more rain than me.
Thanks for reading my blog, please do not forget to check out Jordan’s page and giving her some love.

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