• My First Time ~ NBNWORKSHOP

    Hey Guys!! You will never guest what happened, ok maybe you can after reading the post title. So on Monday I attended my first blogger event hosted by the one and only NEXT Store. Counting today, I have been blogging for a whole 3 months now, attending this blogger event is massive for me.

    This is my first event blogger event, I will admit I was a bit worried (ok a lot). I am not normally a nervous person by nature but the nerves got me this time. When I compare my blog to other people’s blog I just think am way out of there league here. Yes it is wrong of me to compare myself to well established bloggers but it’s hard not to. Every now and again I do compare myself but I was reminded at the event we are all different and unique. We should embrace that which is unique about us and work with that.

    My mother says never change for anyone other than yourself. 
    The Next blogger event was held  at The Hoxton Hotel, 81 Great Eastern Street, London EC2A 3HU. 
    So on arrival we were greeted by NBN coordinators, they took our jackets signed us in and giving goodie bags. After the welcome and intro speech we were all allocated groups  of 8-10 people. There were 3 workshops to attend at different times of the day. They gave us a schedule which was pretty good and easy to follow. I was in group 2, this was actually the last session, the photography session. We where had the pleasure of learning from well known bloggers and video bloggers.


    Some of our speaks included:  

    Just to show off, this is what I had in my goodie bag, pair of warm winter house socks, candle in my favourite scent Jasmine, a blogger notebook, picture frame and the blogger bag itself. The day was not all talk, we have breakfast before we started then lunch and tea before the final talk. This was my favourite dessert – 2 ice cream flavours, strawberries dipped in white and brown chocolate and browns.


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