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Hey guys!!!

I am sure you have noticed by now that I have a new blog design, those of you who have been with me since I started this blog will know that I have changed the design more than some people change nickers (metaphorically speaking of course).
This new design was done by Mary of Secret Obsession I will say it now this was money well spent, I believe she has captured the essences I was going for Simple and Smart with a touch of provocativeness (I think **smiling**). 
I have been on a hunt for a while for a change in blog design and I just couldn’t find the extra cash or the time to sit down and have it done. But it was more simple than I thought and there was hardly any stress to the change and I am yet to hear from any of my readers re disruption to there reading time. I am so happy Mary offered to do new blog design, she is kind, patient and very understanding. We maybe in two different time zones but she delivered when I needed her to and I would recommend anyone who is thinking of changing there blog design. Go check her out and I promise your won’t be disappointed. 
Some pictures below of my new design and some old designs this my dear blog has endured. 
***About Page***

***Sponsorship page***
***Contact page***
***Various linky’s page***
***Myrabev’s Corner ***
What do you guys think of my new look? Is it better than before? Would you recommend my designer? For me am maybe am biased but I would recommend to anyone look.


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