Mallzee App Review

Hey Guys!!!

Today’s blog is a bit different for me, about a week ago I was contacted by mallzee and they were looking for bloggers to review their app. I jumped at this opportunity because it’s not every day you get asked to review an app, so here are a couple of pictures of the app and also my overall review of the app.

 The App is called Mallzee when I read the name it I was saying to myself its like ALL the MALLs but together in that I meant they have brought all my favourite stores together in one place for ease of access and that’s exactly what they have done. I have spent the last 7 days reviewing the App and I have noted down my observations below. Try it out HERE and see what you think. Need more convinsing click HERE to see the video.


“WOOOOP! After a much anticipated launch at London Fashion Week, rubbing shoulders with the fashion elite in the Fashion Monitor Style Lounge, our shiny new app is ready for you to try

“Mallzee is fashion savvy and learns your style, ‘but what happens if your style changes?’ we hear you ask, well, Mallzee is one step ahead and keeps finding you new awesome styles based on what you’re loving at the time.”

Good points

* Easy to navigate 
* Has good profiler at registration 
* Registration easy quick and simple
* Shows latest trends 
* Gives option to give option on a piece of clothing or send to your friend for their option
* Saves all your likes or finds similar ones
* Has helped me find items that I could not find in some stores 

Bad points 
* Doesn’t always show the actual price in store or on-line
e.g In store this is on sale App –>

* At present am not able to change my profile but that maybe because I am not good with these things (showing my age)

* No notifications if the items you want are no longer available unless you go back into app to check yourself. 

You can download the App HERE so you can have a play around. It’s a good app and has helped me find some secret presents for my family and friends and I am so grateful. 

xo Miranda

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