• Soul Bearing – PMS (yes you read right)

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    Hey guys? So am sat here enjoying my lazy Sunday going through some of my favourite posts and mother nature rung and i answered now am paying for it. I know the majority of my readers are females so i am not shy when it comes to this topic.

    Ever since I started PMS’n its like i started a war with my body, i remember my cousin always used to say i kept giving excuses when it was my time to clean the house and my mum always sided with me not because i was her daughter but because she understood. Some of us have the misfortune of having really really bad PMS where as others its like nothing happens they sail right through it and life goes on but for some of us its like world war 3 inside your body and your the battle ground. There times when i cant think, i cant move i basically cant function because am too useless to do anything. Doctors and nurses have prescribed A-Z drugs and still nothing, I searched and re-read tradition remedies but they become useless after a while its like every time something works my body learns next time it wont. I know people say exercise helps and that usually works but then it stops and am back to square one.

    some one once told me that once you fall pregnant and give birth things change, the temptation i felt to do just that so i can move away from this pain was so great but thank the lord for my mother’s teachings which prevailed.

    if any of you my wonder readers knows of something i can try that doesn’t involve me getting pregnant before am ready or going on the pill, injection or anything along those lines please comment below because a sister is dying here.

    Happy Sunday y’all and thanks for reading my blog, if you have not yet subscribed please do so on the right.

    xoxo Myrabev.


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